2. This is a new poster for a showcase of Polish short movies on Wed 2nd July at King Cross Library, Halifax, Special thanks to its creator Tomasz Trafial


  3. showcase of Polish short movies Projektor working on the new festival poster alongside with Polish artist Tomasz Trafial


  4. Lisa Luxx on board of my new project „Love in the age of the EU„

    The preparations for my new project in progress, I managed to prompt Lisa Luxx to be the voice over in my new short poetry movie which I’m making for Zebra 2014. Lisa is a poet, freelance writer & spoken word veteran, currently based in London. Please check out her latest work she is involved in PROWL HOUSE


  5. mixer-blog:

    Our audio guest for the Mixer #1 Rair has exchanged his first phonic bits & bobs ready for the creative encounter with Vj Pietrushka. The first influence was brought to them by the cinematic classic La Haine. It is very possible that the whole set will turn that way. Some ambient elements fuse with the rhythmic drum, almost danceable moments freeze in time creating a window for slow motion visuals.


  6. I’ll be helping out IOU Theatre with their latest project called Fulcrum. 






  11. Video poem ”Words” will be screened at Arnolfini, Bristol as part of Bristol Poetry Festival 2013.